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Why have an ATM in your business?

You can make extra money just by having an ATM on site! There’s nothing for you to do, I take care of everything. At the end of every month you get a portion of the service fee.
Simple as that!

I buy only brand new machines with the latest programming to insure that the ATM machine is trouble free and future proof.

I live right in Santa Fe, so I’m easy to get in touch with.

  • An ATM machine is a good thing to have in your business.
  • An ATM machine doesn’t take up much space, less that 2 and 1/2 SQ. feet. It will fit almost anywhere.
  • An ATM machine will reduce your credit card fees.
  • Helps build foot traffic, and impulse buying. The average consumer spends about $5400 dollars per year on impulse items. An ATM will help your business get more of that piece of the pie.
  • 80% of the money withdrawn from your ATM machine will get spent in your store.
  • If your employees get tips from customers, an ATM machine can help customers tip in cash. This will keep your employees happy and it makes the customers feel good.
  • Having an ATM machine in your business can help customers out of a jam when they need cash after hours or on weekends. ATM machines are never closed or sick.
  • Having an ATM machine in your business just makes a lot of financial sense.

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